CUMBERLAND HOTEL On Monday, May 20, a start was made to pull down this well known hostelry, which for the past 34 years has been known throughout the district. We are given to understand that it was built in 1861 and was first occupied by a Mr. Fish, then by […]

Cumberland Hotel

This photo of the memorial of where the Madden stabbed Morrison outside a hut on the edge of Blind Creek, can be found in “Big Camp Wahgunyah”, a book on the history of the Rutherglen District published in 1983, written by Muriel McGivern.The Rutherglen Historical Society were instrumental in bringing […]

Blind Creek

One of our members has been successful in identifying ex-members of our armed forces who are buried in the Carlyle Cemetery. Some of them have plaques or indeed their memorial indicates that they once served for King and country. Recently a family member of Joesph Hawking was successful in applying […]

War Service Plaques

This is a photo of the the entrance to Rutherglen Park. The gates were erected in memory of the Pioneers of the Rutherglen District. They were installed in Murray Street. The were removed in the early 1950 ‘s. Ian Stones recently tracked them down and had them restored. They are […]

Gates to the Rutherglen Park

The current exhibition at the COMMON SCHOOL MUSEUM in Murray Street is on MAIN STREET BUSINESSES. Did you know that Number 76 was McLennan’s Tailor Shop before it became Glen Bakery. This exhibition was put together by Judy Harrison & Pat Towner.  Museum opening hours: Monday and Friday from 11am […]

Current Exhibition