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Interested in the history of Rutherglen join us and learn more :-

Formed in 1964, The Rutherglen Historical Society promotes and encourages the study of the local history of Rutherglen and its District by collecting, cataloguing and maintaining local historical artefacts and promoting the compilation of authentic historical records of individuals, organisations, industries and events of Rutherglen and its district.

There is much work to be done in a small society such ours. Currently we are working hard to digitalise and catalogue all the items that the Society owns. Much work is also needed to preserve these precious items in specialised containers and folders to ensure we have them long into the future.

Our Society only has these items because of the very hard work of previous members. It is so very important that we have them so we can tell the story of our township and region and how it has changed through it’s history and the stories of people who very so important in making all of that happen.

Our Committee meets monthly and meetings are open to all members.  We welcome any members who can help with our current projects as well as help us keep the Common School Museum open to the pubic.  The current committee would be happy to talk to anyone about becoming a member of the Society.

Please contact us by sending us an email at and we can arrange a member and a time to discuss what the society does.

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