War Service Plaques

One of our members has been successful in identifying ex-members of our armed forces who are buried in the Carlyle Cemetery. Some of them have plaques or indeed their memorial indicates that they once served for King and country. Recently a family member of Joesph Hawking was successful in applying to the war office for a memorial plaque to be placed on his grave in recognition of his war service. We have compiled a list of other ex-diggers who are buried at Carlyle who could qualify for this type of memorial.

This includes:-

Walter Shaw d 18/5/1919: Walter John Gale d.10/05/1935: Frank Arthur Fuge, d 29/06/1967: George Thomas Jones. 10/04/1959: John Charles Stanton. 14/05/1990: Robert William Kelly, d 27/06/1962: James Burney Dixon, d 16/08/1963: Richard Burney Dixon, d14/08/1963: Earnest James Turner, 27/10/1949: Gilbert Ross Turner, d 20/10/1977: Winrow King, d 1/08/1959: Robert Trimble, d 20/06/1929, James William Mills, d 2/03/1970: Percy Rutherglen Fullerton, d 19/07/1977: Alexander McMillan, d 13/01/1968, Alfred (James) Henry McEveyd, d  30/09/1955: William Nish, d 4/12/1978: William Collier, d 21/07/1947: William Kennedy Stillard, d 11/10/1956: John Valentine Cullen, d 15/09/1949

It is a simple procedure to apply for a War Service Plaque (Cost of the Plaque is covered by the War Office) it is essential to obtain a copy of their death certificate to establish that they died as a result of their war service (the cost is not covered by the Office of Australian War Graves) i.e. if they died in a car accident the Aust War Graves is usually unable to provide a War Grave or Plaque.

If you would like your ancestor’s service in the armed forces to be recognised on their memorial, or would just like to know more please get in contact with the Rutherglen historical Society and we can help you prepare all the necessary paperwork. Email: info@rutherglenhistoricalsociety.com.au