Cumberland Hotel


On Monday, May 20, a start was made to pull down this well known hostelry, which for the past 34 years has been known throughout the district. We are given to understand that it was built in 1861 and was first occupied by a Mr. Fish, then by Mr. P. C. Burke, the well known piano tuner. On Mr. Burke retiring from the hotel it was taken by Mr. Thomas Douglas, and on his removal to the Star Hotel, Mr. T. Looney became landlord at the Cumberland, and with the move on of times, Mr. Looney moved up the street to the Shamrock, The Cumberland Hotel passing into the hands of Mr. Andrew Kirkup, and after his death Mrs. Kirkup became the licensee and continues to carry on the business. The old building, which has done good services is to be replaced by a handsome two story building, the plans of which have been prepared by Messers Gordon & Gordon of Albury.
One singular instance in the removal of the building is that Mr. T. Sampson, who was engaged in its erection 34 years ago is at present engaged in pulling it down. During the re-building business will be carried on as usual in a temporary bar leading from the right of way at the side of the hotel. The worthy landlady is to be congratulated on the steps she has taken in improving the building appearance of the town. Rutherglen Sun & Chiltern Valley Advertiser, Tuesday, May 21, 1895.

On Wednesday 19th Miss Bessie Kirkup laid the foundation stone of the new Cumberland Hotel, at noon. Rutherglen Sun & Chiltern Valley Advertiser, June 21, 1895.