Friday, 30th May 1919 ASSISTANCE WANTED. – For the past fortnight the Borough Council has been calling for an applicant to assist with the washing at Nurse McEvey’s hospital.  Although the word voluntary is mentioned, it is not an honorary position, as the person taking up the work will be […]

Spanish Influenza – Part 6

Tuesday, 6th May 1919 RUTHERGLEN SHIRE COUNCIL. AN INCREASE IN CASES. Since the Back to Wangaratta there has been an after effect among the visitors from Rutherglen to that carnival. Several of those who visited Wangaratta are now, or have been down with attacks of the “flu,” as it is […]

Spanish Influenza – Part 5

Tuesday, 25th February 1919 Recently a young girl, Miss L. Spears, of North Prentice, was suspected as suffering from a mild case of influenza.  Some of the residents got alarmed and avoided Mrs Spears and her residence.  Dr Rodda, who was attending Miss Spears, states that influenza did not develop […]

Spanish Influenza – Part 4

Tuesday, 18th February 1919 THE WHITE FEATHER. – A correspondent of the “Ballarat Courier” writes as follows; — “Sir, — While the great war was going strong there were a good many young ladies going abut Ballarat giving white feathers to any seemingly eligible men and asking them why they […]

Spanish Influenza – Part 3

Friday, February 7th 1919 THE INFLUENZA EPIDEMIC. Although there have been three cases reported locally, the Health Officer states that they are mild cases and that there is no need or a scare.  The Health Officer wishes people to take a common sense view of the situation and take all […]

Spanish Influenza – Part 2