Tuesday, 25th February 1919 Recently a young girl, Miss L. Spears, of North Prentice, was suspected as suffering from a mild case of influenza.  Some of the residents got alarmed and avoided Mrs Spears and her residence.  Dr Rodda, who was attending Miss Spears, states that influenza did not develop […]

Spanish Influenza – Part 4

Tuesday, 18th February 1919 THE WHITE FEATHER. – A correspondent of the “Ballarat Courier” writes as follows; — “Sir, — While the great war was going strong there were a good many young ladies going abut Ballarat giving white feathers to any seemingly eligible men and asking them why they […]

Spanish Influenza – Part 3

Friday, February 7th 1919 THE INFLUENZA EPIDEMIC. Although there have been three cases reported locally, the Health Officer states that they are mild cases and that there is no need or a scare.  The Health Officer wishes people to take a common sense view of the situation and take all […]

Spanish Influenza – Part 2

26th November 1918 The so-called “Spanish” influenza is sure to be identified in the minds of many persons with the ordinary influenza, a complaint troublesome but rarely dangerous. It is the pneumonia complications which accompany or follow Spanish influenza which are the real cause of concern. In some cases, indeed, […]

Spanish Influenza – Part 1