26th November 1918 The so-called “Spanish” influenza is sure to be identified in the minds of many persons with the ordinary influenza, a complaint troublesome but rarely dangerous. It is the pneumonia complications which accompany or follow Spanish influenza which are the real cause of concern. In some cases, indeed, […]

Spanish Influenza – Part 1

We need your help! We have a large number of amazing Debutante photos and we are trying to identify those in the photos as well as confirm the dates of the balls. The photos were very kindly donated to us by The Corowa Historical Society and come from Gerry Brown’s […]

Debutante Photos – we need names!

Research undertaken by one member, David Valentine has lead him to nominate the Rutherglen Common School, No. 522, for inclusion on the Victorian Heritage Register. David is on a mission to prove that we truly have a Common School that is unique. Go David !!! David identified that our Common […]

Rutherglen Common School the first Free, Secular and Compulsory School ...

Interested in the history of Rutherglen join us and learn more :- Formed in 1964, The Rutherglen Historical Society promotes and encourages the study of the local history of Rutherglen and its District by collecting, cataloguing and maintaining local historical artefacts and promoting the compilation of authentic historical records of […]

New Members Required!